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33 Life Saving Quotes and Motivational Quotes for Covid19

Covid19 has been spreading all over the world! It has become an epidemic! The world is on stake. So, in respect of this epidemic going on in this world, we have written an article on people tweeting about Covid19 quotes to share with your social family. The social media platform is the fastest way to spread viral stuff. So, now read the following Life saving Quotes & motivational quotes for Covid19, Instagram captions for Covid19 and Spread awareness faster than this deadly virus through sharing!

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Motivational Quotes for Covid19 and Precautions

Following 18 are the Best Motivational Quotes and Precautions for Covid19.

“CoronaVirus is not worse than a negative mindset.”

“We are sold out of hand sanitizer, facial masks, and rubbing alcohol.”

“For the record, if I do get the virus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can. – Susan Daniel

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

“Avoid exchanging cash to buy sanitizers, even money can spread the Covid19. Go Cashless!”

“Stay away from people so that you can stay away from the corouna.”

“By the time COVID-19 is over, the death toll will be comparable to war. – Steve Magee”

“Keep calm and Stay safe from Covid19.”

“There is a chance it could get fairly substantially worse. But nothing is inevitable. – Donald Trump

“Don’t be panic, let’s have faith in doctors.”

“Wash yourself and be clean.”

“Corona is my new excuse to stay away from this fake world.”

“World is feeling sick and Corona is feeling happy.”

“Corona is worse than a World War.”

“No matter how important the person is… Your life matters.”

“Don’t touch each other otherwise you may get infected.”

“Coronavirus is all about cleaning yourself.”

“Corona cannot do anything to Hygenic & Healthy people.”

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Instagram Captions For Coronavirus

Here are Best Instagram Captions for Coronavirus

“Avoid Handshake. Stay away from Corona.”

“COVID-19 is nasty!”

“Coronavirus Sucks!”

“Go Corona…Go Corona…”

“Please Don’t Panic from Coronavirus.”

“HANDS Wash them often- “ELBOW Cough into it” – “FACE Don’t touch it” – “SPACE Keep safe distance” – “FEEL sick? Stay home.””

“Sorry, you had to eat hospital food.”

“Hope we will be again 100% soon!”

“God’s speed in your recovery to full health!”

“Prayers coming our way for a speedy recovery.”

“I used to think that you were superhuman. But now I think that you too are human like us!”

“If you were not this beautiful, the virus would not have hit on you. I am luckier than you because I am not as charming as you.”

“Feel better in a hurry so we can get back to making fun of you with no guilt.”

“Sending good, healthy vibes your way for a speedy recovery.”

“Hope day by day goes quickly and you’re up on your feet soon.”

Thanks for reading this article for Life Saving Quotes & Motivational Quotes for coronavirus. please be safe and be aware of this virus and please do not panic, God helps us. Thank You.

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These quotes are quite entertaining. Thanks for posting and cheering us up! I hope you and your loved ones are safe from the “Rona”!

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